"I contacted Carol because I felt my life had stalled and I knew that emotional issues were affecting me. Knowing that I had self-harmed in the past and could be prone to debilitating levels of anxiety, I did not feel it was possible to deal with these issues without professional help.  Carol provided a safe and supportive environment in which we explored my emotional landscape, and she helped me to see that I can survive my most painful feelings and experiences.  I now feel able to take steps towards fulfilling my potential, which signifies a fundamental improvement in my life and is something I could not have done before my time with Carol".

“As with most people, when I first came to see Carol I was in a bad place, my unacknowledged depression had affected my work, and, although I didn’t realise it at the time, it had had a serious impact on my day-to-day relationships with friends, colleagues and family. Working with Carol over the last few months has really opened my eyes and helped me look back into my past and become more self aware of my own actions and behaviours. Carol’s therapeutic approach does not easily fit into one box, i.e. CBT or psychodynamic, instead she tailors the approach to suit the client and/or situation. Her style is much more engaging than I had expected from therapy, which I responded to well as it created a safer and more respectful environment in which I could be more open and challenge my own thoughts and feelings.”

“After suffering on and off for years with depression and anxiety I was put in touch with Carol by a therapist friend of mine. I have had many short sessions of therapy over the years and been on and off anti depressants but still kept finding myself feeling the same. I have been seeing Carol now for over 2 years for long term counselling. I cannot recommend this type of counselling enough. After 2 years of weekly visits talking about anything and everything I finally feel like a different person. I have learned such a lot about myself, my behaviour and how to "feel" differently about life. I did this without the use of medication this time although I understand this approach is not for everyone. Carol is a lovely lady, very easy to talk to and her style of therapy has worked wonders for me. I would recommend her without hesitation having already suggested her to others experiencing life's difficulties.”